World of Warcraft Easter Eggs.

   8 January 2007

A review of the ArcHUD add-on for World of Warcraft.

  23 January 2007

World of Warcraft AddOn RatingBuster looks handy.

   2 February 2007

Blessing of Kings is a World of Warcraft blog.

  19 February 2007

General economic equilibrium in World of Warcraft.

  12 April 2007

YouTube: World of Warcraft Mr. T Commercial TV ad.

  21 November 2007

EquipCompare is the sort of add-on that should be built into the World of Warcraft.

  22 December 2006

They are making a documentary about gold farmers in World of Warcraft.

  25 May 2007

Kotaku: World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade E306 Trailer.

  11 May 2006

Demon Trainer is one of those add-ons that should be baked right into World of Warcraft.

   4 January 2007

The World of Warcraft offical Black Temple trailer.

  15 May 2007

YouTube: Wow Logic.

  15 October 2006

…A techno song about World of Warcraft. It's good -- seriously. …

YouTube: Exploring The World of Warcraft : A Documentary.

  30 May 2007

Joystiq interviews WoW's Jeff Kaplan.

  15 August 2006

…It's a long interview on the expansion to World of Warcraft. …

16 level 1 gnomes on a mad dash from Ironforge to Stormwind in World of Warcraft.

  11 October 2006

Final Fantasy 12

  30 October 2006

…his quest so I can see how the story plays out. World of Warcraft is fun and all, but I find the lack of a real …

Sexism in the World of Warcraft [pdf].

  30 August 2006

Galinth's Warsong Gulch Commander's Guide.

  21 November 2006

…look at how to play one of the PvP games in World of Warcraft

MetaFilter: World of Warcraft 101.

   7 December 2005

"Are we as a culture starting to construct toys that are too effective and end up hurting people?"

  10 August 2006

…Tom Coates on World of Warcraft. …

A presentation on the World of Warcraft by Joi Ito at 23C3.

   3 January 2007

Cross-Realm PvP

  23 August 2006

…I am going to start playing that PvP game within World of Warcraft again. Conveniently enough, yesterday Blizzard … i’ll be wasting a lot of time playing World of Warcraft. I need to get my ranking back. …

Level 50

   6 December 2006

…My interest in World of Warcraft really seemed to peak when my Warlock reached … be bothered to grind through another level in World of Warcraft. Yesterday Blizzard released their latest patch … quite regularly and I decided that was enough World of Warcraft for the day. I’m going to try and do some …

Onyxia Wipe.

  10 November 2006

…says this is the funniest flash movie about World of Warcraft ever. I can't listen to it at work -- no sound …

Kotaku: World of Warcraft is Bigger Than Denmark.

   2 March 2006

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