21 July 2006

…when it comes to the player-vs-player part of World of Warcraft. This statistic would mean more to me if I knew …

Are World of Warcraft PVP weapons and armor too cheap now?

  11 December 2006

You should use the "Combo" updater when updating Mac OS X to 10.4.7 if you have an Intel based Mac and played World of Warcraft.

  28 June 2006

The Must-Read Forum Drama of the Summer (So Far).

   4 June 2007

…Even if you don't play World of Warcraft you need to read this. I shit you not. …

Google Video: Chinese Coke / WoW commercial.

  13 June 2006

…Coke and World of Warcraft and pretty Girls. …


  31 May 2006

…It's sick how many subscribers World of Warcraft has compared to its competition. (Check out the …

Raidar is an online web-app that lets you plan and organize World of Warcraft raids.

  19 October 2006

PlasticBag: On wanting to stop wanting 'World of Warcraft'...

   2 June 2006

Over a hundred thousand World of Warcraft accounts were closed in November.

  22 December 2006

The World of Warcraft guild for Penny Arcade kills every single Horde NPC in every major Horde city.

   1 December 2006

Some guy is taking photos of his computer and its surroundings everytime he levels his World of Warcraft character.

  20 December 2006

YouTube: World of Warcraft William Shatner Commercial Ad.

  22 November 2007

Disco takes eye-candy to new heights.

  16 October 2006

…with your graphic card besides use it to play World of Warcraft. …

Defense and Mitigation, how it all works in the World of Warcraft.

  26 March 2007

Sword of Omen, give me sight beyond sight!

  13 March 2007

World of Warcraft is awesome. I need this sword. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! …

A World of Warcraft player kits Teremus the Destroyer all the way to Stormwind.

   2 January 2007

Tobold criticizes the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion.

  21 November 2006

Mint 2.0

  29 January 2007

…probably the one I use the most — next to World of Warcraft I suppose. …

Kotaku: WoW Watch: Orcs, Dwarves and the Axis of Evil.

   2 May 2006

…Kotaku has an embedded virtual reported in the World of Warcraft game. His first story is on people from embargoed …

How to quit a group in World of Warcraft.

   3 October 2006

You may have heard that a dude dropped his iPod in an airplane toilet, causing all sorts of panic.

  25 August 2006

…You may not have heard the World of Warcraft related back story, as narrated by the dude in …

My House Is So Damn Hot

  18 July 2006

…thing I have managed to do is gain a level in World of Warcraft. That was good. …

Level 60 - Woot!

  25 January 2007

…I continue to spend my time in doors playing World of Warcraft. I have been dividing my time between my new …

Guilds and the shared player experience

   3 October 2006

…about the problems with end-game raiding in the World of Warcraft. It's a fairly long article on the subject; since …

We Were Nostalrius.

   8 May 2016

…hours. Blizzard shut down the (popular) private World of Warcraft server Nostalrius a month ago. …

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