Leaving Your Guild in World of Warcraft

  30 August 2006

…been trying to leave the guild I joined in World of Warcraft for a little while now. The one problem is I had … guilds drama. It’s a strange game that world of warcraft. Update: I quit my guild with no fanfare …


More World of Warcraft Burning Crusade beta impressions.

  16 October 2006

…The expansion to World of Warcraft comes out soon, and people are getting pretty …


Kotaku: This is How You Sell World of Warcraft.

   7 March 2006

…Korean girls hard at work selling World of Warcraft. …


Joi Ito's Web: Leadership in World of Warcraft.

  12 March 2006

World of Warcraft seems like such a fascinating game. …


All about the Tenacious Defender in World of Warcraft.

  21 January 2007

…you." (There are lots of jokes like this in the World of Warcraft.) …


World of Warcraft Wrath of the Lich King.

  14 November 2008

…The next expansion for World of Warcraft is out. I haven't played the game in over a year …


Too Much World of Warcraft?

  29 August 2006

…Any down time in my life is now spent playing World of Warcraft. This past week has been particularly bad since I … Super Mario you’d play to some conclusion. World of Warcraft has no end. The game keeps going even when you …


Joi Ito's Web: Funeral in World of Warcraft.

  10 November 2005

…About a funeral held in the game World of Warcraft for a girl who died while playing. …


NotAddicted talks about playing World of Warcraft with Role-players.

  16 October 2006

…to get sucked into the story. It's harder with World of Warcraft since you need to deal with other players who …


The South Park World of Warcraft episode: Make love, Not Warcraft.

   6 October 2006


Wow_Ladies is a LiveJournal community for girls that play World of Warcraft.

  16 October 2006

…Or guys that are pretending to be girls that play World of Warcraft. …


The Dark Portal

  12 January 2007

…quests and kill monsters. I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for a long time now, and am finally close to … Portal is pictured behind the login screen for World of Warcraft when you start the game up; it plays an important … later, I’m still very much enjoying the World of Warcraft; I’m looking forward to the Burning Crusade …


Warsong Gulch

   8 June 2006

…I took part in a battleground instance in World of Warcraft. A battleground is an area in World of Warcraft … fun in a first-person shooter carry over into World of Warcraft. There is a little bit of strategy and a lot of …


Zealot Blade

  27 September 2006

…While playing World of Warcraft, I stumbled upon a Zealot blade, which was hidden …


World of Warcraft and prostitution.

  11 April 2007


The Onion: Baby, You Mean The World Of Warcraft To Me.

   5 May 2006


How fo you choose a guild in World of Warcraft?

  30 October 2006


Inventory management in the World of Warcraft.

  21 December 2006


On guild governance in the World of Warcraft.

  20 February 2007


Getting Things Done -- Not So Much

  29 June 2006

…only reason I did these two things was because World of Warcraft was downloading a patch. …


World of Warcraft

  10 May 2006

…American kids playing in Bahrain while playing World of Warcraft yesterday. I bought the game a few days back. I … Warcraft habits is Wife Aggro. Anyone else play World of Warcraft? Gary and I are on the same server, Eitrigg, but …


I'm not the only one who hates playing World of Warcraft with little kids.

   8 September 2006


Steven Levy writes about World of Warcraft.

  11 September 2006


Dealing with off-spec characters in World of Warcraft.

   5 October 2006


Wuwu's World of Warcraft Manners School.

  30 October 2006


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