Some red and yellow roses I bought for Shima.

Red and Yellow Roses

Some red and yellow roses I bought for Shima.

I knew early on that Shima liked yellow. Yellow is her favourite colour. The first time I bought her flowers this posed a problem. For those who don’t know, yellow is the colour of friendship when it comes to flowers. You really don’t want to be giving girls you like yellow roses—that is some free advice for you boys. Shima and I had been dating for two weeks when we went out for Valentines day. Two weeks isn’t such a long time. I didn’t want to give her the wrong idea by giving her a yellow flower, so I bought her a red rose. You can’t send any mixed signals with red roses.

The flowers above I bought Shima for our one year anniversary. I think she knows how I feel about her by now, so I don’t feel worried buying her yellow flowers anymore.

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