Sitting in my room (the one at Jane and Bloor).

Testing Testing

Sitting in my room (the one at Jane and Bloor).

I broke my Powershot S30 about 8 months ago. I’m actually surprised I’ve lived with the broken view finder for so long. It was a great camera. Today I replaced it with a new Canon, a EOS 350D (Rebel XT). I am hoping it will have a better life than the S30.

This picture was taken in my room, without a flash, with the ISO set to 1600. You can see some digital noise in my shirt and arms, but it’s definitely a lot better than the results I would get with the S30. I’ll need to take a lot more pictures to get a good feel for the camera. I wanted to get a shot at ISO 100, but I need some sunlight for that.

I like this camera; I am very excited about it.

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