2 January 2010, early morning

The last decade has ended. I met Shima and got married, so i’d say the last 10 years weren’t a total write-off. On the whole though it does seem like a pretty shit decade. Especially compared to the 90s, which I quite liked. Now it’s twenty-ten. That sounds like a good year.



  1. “write-off”

  2. That’s all you have to say for the entire decade?

  3. Maybe i’ll have more to say in a year. I think people say too much some times.

    Can’t start 2010 without some typos.

  4. I thinks he’s covered the most important events (i.e. Meeting and marrying me!). Haha :)

  5. It’s still wrong. It’s “write” as in a ledger of debts, not New Super “Wright” Bros. Airplane Adventures.

  6. Strange I’d type it wrong twice in a row.

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