25 Years

   25 January 2004, the wee hours

My parents 25th wedding anniversary was today. Our house hasn’t been packed with people like it was today in quite some time. All my dad’s sisters were in town for the occasion, as was his close friend from England, Kum-mama. I must have snapped 160 or so pictures today. If there are some nice ones I’ll put them up at We Must Abuse the Broadband.

We were four cousins shy of being all together again. It was nice seeing Ruben, who I haven’t seen in quite some time. Vitty is competing in the Miss Canada pageant, and they aren’t allowed to go out apparently. My cousin Arjuna will get married this August, so I think that will probably be the first time we’ll all be together in one place since my grandfather died.

Shima came tonight as well, and managed to survive the evening, which is good.

I need to get back to compilers tomorrow. Sigh.



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