30 Days of Night

   31 October 2007, early morning

I watched 30 Days of Night last night with Dave. I hadn’t seen a film in the cinema in ages, so I’m glad this movie was so good. 30 Days of Night is about vampires attacking an Alaskan town during the month where the sun never rises — hence the name. My coworker was of the opinion that this film does for vampire movies what 28 Days Later does for zombie movies, and I’d have to agree: the film is dark and gritty and very serious. If you are going to make a movie about monsters that drink peoples blood, it is very easy to end up with something silly and campy. This film takes itself very seriously. If you had monsters that drank peoples blood running around killing people, that’d be a pretty fucked up situation. It would be disturbing. This movie is disturbing. There is a lot of blood, and people pleading for their lives, and wailing; god damn is there is a lot of wailing. Even the ending is kind of disturbing. This isn’t a film for the squeamish. All in all I really liked the movie. There were a couple of moments of hokey dialog that seemed a bit too Hollywood for my liking, but on the whole it is a solid film. If you can stomach some blood check it out.

The official 30 Days of Night web site.



  1. So is it just gory? Or scary?

  2. I didn’t find it scary, but I don’t scare too easily. Like I said, it’s pretty disturbing at times. I’m not sure I’d call it scary per-say. There are probably things in the film that would give you nightmares, maybe?

  3. You should read the graphic novels & their sequels too, they’re quite good.

  4. Now I wish I watched it with you. What would you give it on a scale of Bad to Dog Soldiers?

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