30 Degrees

    5 April 2006, the wee hours

It’s a balmy thirty degrees here in Sydney. The air is hot against your skin; I love it. I met my cousin and aunt downtown for lunch. We went to a sort-of-Italian cafe called Jet. Lunch was nice. My aunt headed back to work, and I sat with my cousin and had a cold ice coffee mocha. It was no mocha frappacino, but it was still pretty tasty.

I bought a SIM card for my cell phone on my way downtown. I was impressed that I could travel half way around the world and get an Australian telephone number. Shame my phone is locked such that only Fido SIM cards will work with it; sons of bitches. I’m using an extra phone another Aunt had laying around. Cathy was the first person I called with my phone. There is something cool about talking to someone you know from one side of the world on the other side of the world.

I read Sonny’s Blues again on the train ride back to Homebush. That’s an amazing story.



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