A Bamboo Mat

   23 October 2004, late morning

After work, on a Thursday afternoon, I got off at Jane station instead of High Park, and began wandering down Bloor West Village. Bloor West is home to a good majority of Toronto’s Ukrainian community, and is a very quaint place to live. It is a 10 minute walk from my home. I’ve been through the area a couple times now, trying to get a handle on what exactly is in Bloor West—apparently quite a lot.

On this particular outing, the first shop I walked into was a Deli/Bakery. Bloor West is full of them. Each seems identical to the next. This one however was run by a very friendly lady, and sold some tasty sausage rolls. I don’t think I’ve bought a sausage roll from a bakery since I left England, so it was quite the treat. I ate the roll as I walked down the road, unsure of what exactly it was I was looking for.

My apartment is still quite barren. I find I am without simple necessities with each passing day; I’m talking about the sorts of things you don’t miss till you are without them. My bathroom lacks a mat of some sort. This as it turns out really isn’t such a big deal, however I wanted to get one. It seemed like something I should own.

Interior Luxe sold expensive furniture. I could see this was the case the moment I walked into the store. Nevertheless, sausage roll in hand, I wanted to at least give off the impression I was in the market for furniture. They sold a lot of interesting pieces, including mats. I would be lying if I said what I bought looks anything like a bathroom mat, though the lady at the store assured me I could use it as one.

I laid the mat out in my bathroom when I got home. “No, this just wouldn’t do.” I’m not sure if it was too nice for the bathroom, but it was definitely too expensive. I don’t want some schmuck pissing on on my new mat. I couldn’t bring my self to put it at the front of my home either. I don’t want people treading all over it in their shoes. So it sits, in the middle of my floor, black bordered bamboo in all its glory.

My place is still empty. This is a new beginning I suppose.



  1. I think I may move posts like this to their own site. (You know how I like to make webpages.) Check out the mock up and tell me what you think: highparklife

  2. Is that a MT install?

    Looks good. But I don’t agree with your view that they should be “on their own site”. What’s wrong with having them at Funkaoshi (here)?

    I like your choice of colors and the minimal instincts. Its a very clean looking, very refreshing.

  3. It doesn’t matter where you put it Ram, I’ll still find a way to urinate on it….sorry in advance….

  4. Sunny, I think you might be right actually. I think I may make that an alternate design for this site. I know the stripes didn’t go over well, but I think I like this new design more; I think other people may as well.

  5. And that is a normal HTML file. Before the days of content management systems, people would code up HTML by hand. It was a simpler time. Oh how I miss those days.

  6. Doing it like Zeldman! Yeah life was so much simple.

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