A Day Downtown

    5 May 2004, lunch time

A large crowd of people waiting to see Janet Jackson at Much Music

Mezan, Carvill, Steph and I were standing on the corner of University and Richmond yesterday evening when a truck being escorted by cops started to make a very slow left turn. The truck was carrying a film crew, and another car on its back. Inside the other car was none other then Samuel L. Jackson. After realizing it was him, I stuck my hand up to wave. Jackson looked over, and waved back. So, I have concluded he isn’t a jerk-face. Eugene Levy was also in the car, in the passenger seat.

You would think one famous face downtown would be enough, but Janet Jackson was also at Much Music. Mind you, the crowd around the building was too big, and we didn’t even get a glimpse of her. Nevertheless, she was there.

We spent the whole day loitering downtown. Mezan and I were going to see Rishi that evening at IV lounge, so we thought we may as well go down early and wander downtown. The two of us haven’t been doing much with our time since school ended. Carvill was downtown already for work, and Steph was also in a killing-time sort of mood, so they both joined us downtown.

IV lounge was barren as usual. There was one other group besides ourselves. I like it there when it is so empty, it feels like you are in your own VIP room or some such thing. Rishi’s set was great. I had brough an MD player down to record it, but that didn’t work out so well. Anyone know if you can record music with an iPod?

Paintings of Faces in IV.



  1. Yes and no: http://www.ipodlounge.com/reviews_more.php?id=3668_0_6_0_M

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