A Few Canadians Down Under

   16 April 2006, terribly early in the morning

I met Shannon on Thursday in the city. I was sitting with my cousin in front of the bathrooms in Central station, waiting for Shannon’s train to come in from Wollongong. She was coming in to the city to see Hawksley Workman perform at the Manning Bar in the University of Sydney with her friend Heather. After a few SMSes I found Shannon, and my cousin split. The three of us trekked from Central station to the university, which is a fair walk. The weather was warm and a bit sticky. We had to wait a short while for Workman to come on so we bought ourselves some expensive-as-sin cokes to cool down. Workman’s show was quite good. The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to find an affordable cafe to eat in: a surprisingly tricky endeavour.

I met Cathy on Friday in Bondi. The area is quite pretty, as are the people loitering around there. The two of us had lunch at a cafe just off the beach. Baramundi is a tasty fish. We made our way from Bondi to Bronte (from one beach to another). We stopped midway to sit and enjoy the view. Upon reaching Bronte, we walked back. It was quite dark when I made my way back to Homebush, after drinking coffee, eating cake, and enjoying some sushi served on a conveyor belt.

The weekend has been quiet. I’ll be back in Toronto soon.



  1. You been to Manly yet? Take the ferry there from Circular Quay. And take some photos of the crescent formed by the beach.

  2. I’ll need to do that on another trip. I think I went out there many years ago, when my family lived in Sydney.

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