A Mighty Heart

   28 June 2007, terribly early in the morning

Shima and I met at Cumberland last night to watch A Mighty Heart. The film is about the kidnapping of Daniel Pearl, the efforts to get him back, and the aftermath of the whole affair. Everyone who has been talking up Angelina Jolie’s acting in the film is quite right to do so; she does a very good job. The supporting cast is also excellent. Irfan Kahn is great as the Pakistani counter-terrorist agent assigned to find down Pearl. He’s how I imagine Jack Bauer from the sub-continent: ruthless, but polite. All in all the film is depressing. (In fact, thinking about the film while writing this is depressing me.) Knowing how the events played out in real life, there is really no other way the film could have gone. I suppose the last few moments of the film do leave you with some hope — Mariane Pearl sounds like an extraordinary woman. The film makers did a great job of not making this movie in to a big sensational mess; I suppose the source material may have helped with that. It’s well worth watching. It’s a very good film.

The official A Mighty Heart  web site.

Roger Ebert’s review of A Mighty Heart.



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