A Night at the Lab.

   29 February 2004, terribly early in the morning

I left for school at 11:30 at night. Patrick was working on his networks assignment in one of the second floor computer labs, so I thought i’d join him. It is a little depressing, walking to school so late at night and watching people pass you by as they walk in the other direction, heading home. I am reminded of when I was in second year, working at school late at night with Ju-Lian and Annie on CS 241 (the baby compilers course). We used to spend the whole day in the stankest lab the school had. I’m not sure why we liked that lab the best. A year or so ago, the school renovated the lab and turned it into another PC lab. Such a shame. I digress. This second assignment is still a bitch and a half. It’s due tuesday.



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