A Quiet Day Alone

   19 August 2007, mid-afternoon

Inside the Montreal Bread Company, back in Aug 2005.

Somedays I find myself alone downtown. Today was one such day. It wasn’t till 2:00 till I decided to venture off into the city in search of something to break what would otherwise become a monotonous day. A book in hand, I made my way to the Montreal Bread Company. I like the sandwhiches at the MBC a lot. The coffee is good too. The only drawback to the place is that it’s pretty pricey. I spent $15 dollars on my Cajun Shrimp BLT and Americano. MBC is a nice place to sit and read. Its in Yorkville and has fairly big patio, which is nice if you like to people watch. I just wanted to read, so I sat inside, sipping on a coffee and working away at my book of the moment. Yorkville is a strange place. A middle aged Chinese woman sat with her family across from me. She was wearing LV pants (I could tell because of the LV logo plastered all over them) and some Channel sunglasses. She was quite the sight. Every so often someone would pop in, a Lululemon bag in hand, to order something new. The girls in Yorkville would be pretty if they didn’t all walk, talk, and look the same. At around 4:00 I decided to wander around again. I started making my way to Bloor, but decided to double back to Cumberland cinema to see what was playing. Sunshine was due to start in 20 minutes. I hadn’t seen a film by myself in quite some time.



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