Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story

   30 April 2006, early afternoon

Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story was the first film I watched at this years Hotdocs festival. The movie is about Japanese nationals who were kidnapped from Japan by the North Korean government during the late 70s. The Japanese were to be used to train North Korean spies. The movie focuses on the youngest victim, Megumi Yokota, who was just 13 years old when she was taken. The families of those who were abducted, once they learn that their loved ones aren’t dead, but are in fact trapped in North Korea, begin a long fight to get them back. The film is quite moving at times; it’s a very sad story so it’s hard not to affected by it. The girl sitting next to me started crying half way through the film, and didn’t really let up till the end. The film is good, but I think it does have a bit of an amateur feel to it at times. One problem with the film was the sound, which was quite horrible at times. Still, I enjoyed the film and think Abduction is well worth watching.



  1. http://www.crnjapan.com/megumiyokotaprotest.html

    On August 18th 2006 a group of left behind parents took to the streets of
    Hollywood California to protest Japan’s hypocrisy in regards to
    international abduction.

    A 9 minute movie was created using footage from the first day of the
    protest. Please share this link with everyone you know.


    I would like to thank Mark, and CRN Japan for helping make the protest
    possible. Thank you also to Patrick Braden, John Smith, and the Whitney
    family for their participation.

    Remember – It is the people that can change the world.

    Eric Kalmus

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