Across the Universe

   29 December 2009, early morning

I watched Across the Universe over the weekend. Maybe on Christmas Day? That weekend is a bit of a blur now. The film is a musical, set in the 60s, which uses music by the Beatles. Visually it’s quite well done, but the rest of the movie seemed a bit weak. (And this is a film scored with Beatles music!) I thought they were trying a bit too hard to cram in as many Beatles songs as they could. There were several plot points on the go that didn’t really add anything to the main story. (Prudence? Why was she in the film at all?) More so, they touched on a lot of interesting issues without really putting much thought into any of them. Still, the movie looked pretty awesome in Bluray. After watching the movie we played The Beatles Rock Band game. Now that was awesome.

The official Across the Universe website.



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