Ali's Blog

    2 June 2004, the wee hours

I designed Ali’s blog today. Ali is Shima’s brother. Check it out. (Eventually Ali will start to change the site, so here is what my site looks like styled with the design I did for Ali.)



  1. design my blog!!! blog blog blog…

  2. Cherie, Blogger is your friend. Everyone should use Blogger it’s so freaking good. And all the default templates are so nice. Now, if you like to bitch/whine, you can get a LiveJournal or Xanga account.

  3. I already have 2 LiveJournal accounts and 1 Xanga account…
    but they’re not as pretty as yours…
    did you have to register and pay for this site? I mean, yours isn’t “” or something…

  4. I paid for the domain, yes. The hosting is free right now with 1and1. At some point in time though I’ll have to pay for hosting as well.

  5. wow. you reply fast. I’m excited- I’m gonna win 2 new pairs of shoes. Canadian Idol is so sad…ppl get soo excited: “YESS!!! I’M GOING TO TORONTO!!!!” (oh…sorry..are digressions allowed here?) Anyway…I’m not so sure I understand all that you said. Maybe I should stick to LJ then- I’ve more-or-less figured that out.

  6. Wow, Cherie, you’re a live one! The domain is the address (URL) of the site, The hosting is the company with the computers that store your files and are connected to the internet all the time so people can see them.

    Ram, nice work! (BTW, do your friends call you Ram? If not, I can cope with Ramanan, nice name). Did you consider setting the text-size with ems, %, or keywords so it would resize in IE? Did you do the header/footer image?

  7. I stole the header and footer from Ninjai, a flash cartoon, and then edited it in photoshop a bunch to get what you see at the site.

    I might switch to using EMs to specify text size, but I haven’t gotten around to doing it here or else where yet. I found an article on how to do it, I just haven’t be bothered to make the changes. I’m also not one to cater to IE.

  8. i personally like to call him ramanananananan :P


  10. Oh yeah. My friends do call me Ram. You can ignore Shima.

  11. hass- I dunno what you mean by “live one”. I can only assume that many of you out there are laughing your ass out because of my complete ignorance on “computer stuff”. Anyway- I tend to pride myself on this:P~ still scratching head about the hosting thing I am just a lowly arts student…

  12. oh- and one of my closest friends (aka quasi-lesbian lover) is Turkish. I love her to pieces, but still can’t pronounce her last name: Unlucetinkya. Whenever I ask her, she says it really fast so I can stumble through it and then she laughs at me.

  13. Thanks Shima, I like it, I think I like “Ramanam” though, we can make him a rap star.

    Yeah Ram, the easiest way is to just use the “font-size: small”.

    Cherie, “live-one”, one who is full of energy. “Hosting: A company in the business of housing, serving, and maintaining files for one or more Web sites. More important than the computer space that is provided for Web site files is the fast connection to the Internet.”

    Sorry I’m not a quasi-lesbian. ;)

  14. i’m glad someone appreciates my comments… “ignore shima” errrrrr… :P

    i also like spam, but i didn’t come up with that one myself.. and hardly ever use it, though it is a bit catchy. hm… :D

  15. Shima- maybe you like “spam” because subconsciously your brains identifies with “maps”.... :)

  16. Hass- maybe you said “live” because subconsciously your brain identifies me with “evil”...

  17. mmm.. probably not.. but its something to think about i guess… actually a friend of mine came up with ‘spam’ during our long stats classes in first year.. so maybe his “brain subconsciously identifies with “maps” ” ... except i don’t think that was the case either.

  18. haha…ok…
    I remember that all I came up with in my stats class were sweet sweet dreams (I always fell asleep through it). Then I scrambled to learn the stuff the morning of the exam. (Needless to say, I didn’t do very well)

  19. oh- and I’d like to say i didn’t write comment #16 because I slept at 7am and just woke up…
    Though I don’t disagree that I am indeed PURE EVIL (in a cute shell of course)

  20. Yes I am a Fascist.