Almost Over

    7 October 2008, late afternoon

Shima and I are here for a few more days. I haven’t read my Google Reader news in 3 weeks. I’m not sure if I should go back and see what I missed or not. I also haven’t been on MetaFilter in weeks. I suppose these things are both signs of a good vacation. Shima and I are heading off to the zoo shortly, which should be the last touristy thing we do in Sydney. Then it will all be loafing about with my cousins and family before taking a damn long flight back home.



  1. ya, reduce gReader to 2 or 3 blogs. None of which can be sites like kottke as they’re too long.

    in short, while you’ve been gone: sarah palin is an idiot. capitalism almost ended. canadian politics is indecisive.

    in awesome news, i discovered the new location of sunday night gospel. oh hell yes.

  2. My plan is to just start fresh, or take a look at some of the low noise sites that sometimes post interesting crap. I get snippets of random news here, but nothing that gives me any clear sense of what’s up. And it seems like a really strange time to be without news, what the US economy imploding on itself.

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