12 August 2004, the wee hours

Simon brought over his copy of Amadeus. Amadeus is the story of Mozart as narrated to the audience by the not so spectacular composer Antonio Salieri. The film is really good. The relationship between Salieri and Mozart, though entirely fictional according to Simon, is so much fun to watch. Salieri appreciates Mozart’s talents like no other, but is also incredibly jealous of them. Salieri stops at nothing to make sure Mozart doesn’t succeed, but at the same time is completely conflicted with his actions. The movie looks great. Though shot in 1984 it feels quite modern. The film’s score is beautiful. If I was a bigger fan of classical music I may have appreciated it much more, but I enjoyed it nevertheless. My only complaint with the movie was that Mozart’s wife was really pretty dreadful. She seems so out of place. I found her very American accent grating. I think having Mozart speak with a very American accent worked because it makes him seem so out of place and bizarre; with the wife it just comes off like an accident. The actor who played Salieri on the other hand was brilliant, as was the actor who played Motzart. This movie definitely is worth watching.

The movie is 100% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes



  1. It’s Mozart, you imbecile!

  2. I saw this play a Stratford back in Grade 11 English. It was pretty good too.

  3. Damn you Mozart! I've corrected your misspelled name.

  4. Immortal Beloved is another great movie about a classical composer.

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