And it is Friday

   27 September 2003, evening time

The weekend begins today. I don’t plan on doing much at all this weekend mind you besides getting some work done. I’ve been up here for a few weeks now and haven’t had to do any serious work just yet. A few CO 350 assignments so far, but that hardly counts as work.

I’ve been running around trying to figure out what to do after I graduate. Been talking to professors to figure out what I should study. Or at least say I will study. Forms for NSERC and OGS are due quite soon. I don’t think I can get either scholarship, but I feel I may as well try. It would be nice to get something to say the least. My current plan is to “study cryptographic algorithms and their security”.

The first KONJA (Japanese Club) meeting for the term was yesterday. The turn out was quite large to say the least. I think next week, when we go to McGuiness, should be an entertaining. Apparently 40 odd people plan on attending the dinner. I think McGuiness must love, and hate, us.

I have 3 assignments that I am stressed about, CO 442, CO 485 and CS 462. They are all due next week. Let’s see what happens shall we.



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