And So I Say Goodbye to My Exams

   15 April 2004, lunch time

Inside the PAC before my exam began

I have now written my last exam as an undergraduate. My last exam was STAT 231. Seems like a good way to go out, writing an exam for the class I managed to put off for 3 years.

I was worried about this exam. I’ve written lots of exams where I didn’t really know everything we were supposed to know. I mean, this was the case with the last two exams I wrote. I was really worried about stats though. Every time I did a confidence interval question I got the wrong answer. And confidence intervals are easy, how the hell was I supposed to do the rest of the exam?

True to form, I opted to sleep more last night instead of staying up late and study. My plan to wake up early was foiled by my laziness. I got up with enough time to skim through an old final, and headed off to the PAC.

The PAC was where I wrote all my exams first and second year. I haven’t had to write there in ages, but this term I wrote both my Compilers exam and my Stats exam in the PAC. I hate writing in the PAC.

I had told Shima the previous night that I could probably get through the whole exam in an hour. That would give me 2 hours to try and figure out all the stuff I didn’t know. I made a pretty good prediction. I got through the exam in about an hour, and was left with two odd hours to figure out how likelihood functions worked. I’m still not sure if what I wrote was right or wrong, but it was something.

I’m done now. I hope I didn’t fail. I certainly don’t think I did. Everyone cross your fingers for the next couple weeks. Now I need to write two more essays and I can official end my career as an undergraduate student.



  1. : ) * yay * you’re done.

  2. I’m sure Shima can measure my willy – as long as it’s purely for scientific survey purposes. But then again, proper measurements are done when the schlong is er… umm… excited… but then again, despite shima being so beautiful, i don’t think she could help me in that department :P

  3. Maybe Shima can just measure… before’s… though that might not be so interesting.

  4. children. please! anything i post on matt’s site can not be repeated on other people’s blogs!!

  5. It’s Laurence’s fault. That son of a bitch.

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