And so my Glasses Story Comes to an End

   29 July 2008, late afternoon

I have two pairs of glasses now, one from 39dollarglasses and the Mykitas I mentioned earlier.

I’ve been wearing the Mykitas since Friday, and they are quite nice. They are very light, and quite comfortable. They are apparently made out of stainless steel or titanium or something tough, and have some crazy all-most lifetime warranty. At least, this is what the lady at First Markham Place was saying.

The pair from 39dollarglasses aren’t nearly as nice, but they were way cheaper. They arrived today, so I haven’t actually worn them outside yet. They look kind of ridiculous on me. I guess I can wear them when I’m in hipster mode. (Shima didn’t notice I was wearing new glasses when she came in — even after I made a big deal about there being something she wasn’t noticing. Perhaps they aren’t as crazy looking as I think.)

And so my glasses story comes to an end.



  1. Very nice! Super big fan of the top one.

  2. I like both! You can definitely pull off the second pair, they’re not ridiculous in the least.

  3. Top one is better! Very cool.

  4. You power nerd

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