Another Long Night.

   28 March 2004, late at night

(11:30 pm) I’ve basically spent the entire day at my desk. I woke up late, at 1:00 or so, and started programming again. 10 hours later, I’m still at my desk, and I’m still programming. I wish there was more progress. It seems like things are moving so slowly.

(1:00 am) I am feeling stressed.

(1:40 am) Here is some useful information for those of you who aren’t in CS. A lot of the times when you program in C/C++, you will encounter one of the following two runtime errors:

  • Segmentation fault: You are breaking the permissions of the memory pages. Common reasons are: You are writing to read-only memory, including the read-only data or the text (code), You are reading or writing the first page of memory, typically because you are dereferencing the NULL pointer, Your data and stack segments have overlapped, typically because you have recurred too much.
  • Bus error: You are breaking the expected memory alignment, typically trying to read or write a word at a non-word-aligned address. 1

Our compiler currently has neither error.



  1. it'll be over in less than 72 hrs :) than *I* can stop hating compilers so much! :P

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