28 June 2007, early evening

I’ve had Apocalypto sitting under my desk for months; I finally watched it tonight. Mel Gibson knows how to make good movies. It’s a shame he’s so damn crazy. Apocalypto takes place during the last days of the Mayan civilization, just before the West showed up and really cemented their downfall. The movie really draws you in: the characters all speak Yucatec Maya, the movie looks to be shot entirely in Mexico, and the costumes and make-up are perfect. Like most Gibson films, the movie is incredibly violent; it’s bloody as hell If you are squeamish, you may want to pass this film by. If not, I think it’s definitely worth checking out. It’s very entertaining.

Of course, it’s a Mel Gibson film, and it has a boat load of critics. For example, Is Apocalypto Pornography?



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