Apple Store Yorkdale

   26 February 2006, late afternoon

Carvill and I went up to Yorkdale today—we had pretty much nothing else to do. Everytime I go to the Apple Store in Yorkdale, I feel like walking out with a new computer. I don’t, mind you. The Mac Minis are very tempting. They’re so small. They look like the sort of thing you could buy on impulse. I got to try out the new Intel iMac, which was quite nice. The built in iSight is fun to use.

Carvill and Me in the Apple Store at Yorkdale.  The image looks like a Andy Worhol photo.



  1. The built in isight is very nice. I still want to try out front row though. I am also very excited to see what apple has planned for tuesday.

  2. Cool pic. How did you make it?

  3. The iMacs come with this program called Photobooth, which takes a photo using the built in iSight webcam. It has options to process the photo in a bunch of different ways. Carvill and I chose the pop-art filter when we took this photo. (We then emailed the image to ourselves.)

  4. That girl doesn’t look like Carvill.

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