Arrested Development

    1 June 2006, early morning

When Arrested Development was canceled, I didn’t care all too much. I never watched the show, despite being told by my brothers that it was amazing. Two weekend back, while at Heathers, I watched the first 5 or 6 episodes of the show. It’s funny. So funny that I went out at bought the first season the next day, while wandering around the city with Shima. The show is about a very dysfunctional rich family, whose patriarch is in jail for cheating the government. The show is very quirky, and very witty. The acting is great. The characters are all so bizarre. Watch this show.



  1. Gob makes the show for me, being sent to prison and than making the yacht “dissapear” are classic. The latter is amazing to watch, with the music in the background and him dancing. Damn, bring the DVD’s over so we can watch it again.

  2. I like Lucile the best, but they are all really good.

  3. The show is excellent, it was a damn shame to see it cancelled twice. The two things I love most about the series are the chicken dances and Gob dancing to “The final countdown”

  4. I love the chicken dances, and “I’ve made a huge mistake”...I love pretty much everything about this show. Especially GOB. And Buster.

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