Baby, We're Moving On Up

   24 August 2004, the wee hours

I check my referrer logs every other day or so to see who has been suckered into reading my site. Usually it’s poor people willing to wade through 17 pages of google search results before ending up at my site, probably disappointed they didn’t find any Bukkake. You poor sons of bitches. Hop off Kazaa already. If you search for Fuck Moveable Type I’m the third result. I would have never learnt that without checking my referrer logs. (Forget the fact the company calls themselves Movable Type — whatever that is — and that the article google brings up isn’t critical of SixApart.) Sometimes I am pleasantly surprised to find a new site linking to my blog because they like it. Well, I’m not certain people linking to my site like my site; that is presumptuous I suppose. I mean, I watched You Got Served just to laugh at how bad it was after all. My point is that your referrer logs can be full of interesting surprises.

Today, before I was about to go to bed, I noticed someone visited my site from Now that was a surprise and a half. A link from Jason Kottke? That is nice. It almost makes my wasting the whole summer to work on my web site worthwhile. Almost.

We’re Bad Boy baby. Can’t Stop. Won’t Stop.

my link from



  1. Wow. A link from Jason IS cool. I don’t read his site these days (probably because I’m too busy writing about movies HERE :) but, I know it’s one of those sites that gets a lot of people every day.

    As for you watching “You Got Served,” I am speechless, my friend. ;-)

  2. getting linked by kottke is just awesome. kudos!

  3. that’s redonkulous!!! I actually thought you’d just photoshopped your name in there until I went and visited kottke and saw it there myself.

    Ram, you are one step closer to being a certified web celebrity, that’s friggin’ awesome!

  4. seriously. i’ll need to move out to san fransico soon.

  5. May I tag along?

  6. Of course.

  7. I don’t know what’s the big deal about San Francisco? In my opinion its a dump.

    I would recommend sunny SoCal. But I am biased.

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