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   11 October 2008, late evening

We made it back home. Our flight was delayed 4 hours, which meant we missed our connection. Quantas booked us on the 10:00 PM flight out of LA. (That would have taken off 10 hours after we were supposed to have left.) Go Quantas! Our flight was split between Quantas and Air Canada, so we thought, may as well see what Air Canada could do. Air Canada didn’t drop the ball, and got us on a 3:00PM flight. I can’t believe Air Canada showed up another airline. I think Shima and I were both stunned by this, and the fact the staff on the flight were young and good looking.

All in all it took something like 28 hours to get back home. People aren’t meant to travel that long.



  1. welcome back! let’s hang out. charlie’s, like, 10 years old now.

  2. Will he even remember who we are, or maybe he’ll be all too cool for school now that he’s almost two.

  3. Welcome back!

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