Bad Essays

   26 October 2003, late morning

I’ve written plenty of bad essays in my day. Since coming to university that number has only gone up. Since I am in Computer Science I am not asked to write essays all that often. So, any skill I may have had in high school, when it came to essay writing, has all but vanished.

When I was in 2A I took Marxism After Marx. I wrote 3 essays in that class. The first one I was actually quite happy with. I mentioned to the professor of the course, in passing, that I was in Computer Science, and if the essay was not that great, that would most likely be the reason. He said he felt sorry for me and wrote “Computer Science” on the top of my paper. I got an ‘A’ on every paper I handed in to him.

My essays for my English classes, for my Religious Studies classes have always been sub par in my opinion, though some how I usually manage to get B’s or A’s on them. I think it may be due to the fact the rest of my classmates are writing really bad essays. I really do not think my essays are good at all.

Yesterday I wrote up most of my first essay of this term, for my History and Film course. This essay is a whole other kind of bad. I don’t want to hand it in at all.



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