Battlestar Galactica

   21 October 2005, lunch time

During some quite trying times over the summer, I spent some time in my cousins basement watching random episodes of Battlestar Galactica. My cousin Jana had downloaded much of the first season. I had heard the show was supposed to be good, but thought to myself, “how good can a Sci-Fi show be?” After all, how many years of crap Star Trek have we had to put up with? Well, Battlestar Galactica is really good—surprisingly good. It’s not like any other Sci-Fi show I’ve seen. The special-effects are top-notch; the show is well written; it’s exciting; it’s violent; it’s funny. I bought the DVDs (so letting people pirate television isn’t all bad), and watched the mini-series that started this new series yesterday with my friends. The mini-series is a pretty self contained story, and sets up a lot of stuff for the first season. If you are looking for another good television series to watch, I say you check it out. I don’t think you need to be a big fan of science fiction to enjoy the series.



  1. Does the first season DVD set include the mini-series or are they separate?

  2. It includes season and and the mini-series. I almost bought them both online, but thanks to a reviewer at Amazon I learnt there was no need. Apparently in the UK they sold season 1 without the mini-series, which is why a separate Mini-Series only DVD is available.

  3. Yeah it’s great. If Firefly was still on it’d be the a new golden age of sci-fi tv. Well, perhaps golden is too strong a word. It would be grand though. Season 2 doesn’t pick up again till January so you’ve got time to get up to speed. I think they were 10 episodes into S2 when they went on hiatus.

  4. Good to hear that you get both in one package… I’ve never seen the series, but I’ll probably pick up the first season based on the reviews. (And funnily enough, I used to work with Tricia Helfer’s sister in Japan.)

  5. Tricia Helfer is yummy. Is her sister a pretty young lady as well? That is strange. Tricia Helfer character on the show is awesome. Her and the doctor she harasses are my favourite people on the show. Odama is good to because he’s so hard-boiled.

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