Better Luck Tomorrow

   30 January 2004, the wee hours

Finished watching Better Luck Tomorrow just now. I was impressed with the film, though it really didn’t live up to all the hype. The ending was pretty dark, and quite unexpected, which I thought was quite good. My favourite character in the film was Han. You should check the film out if you want to see a movie that features asians as the lead protagonists.



  1. You shouldn't say things about the ending.

  2. Now, if I watch it, I'm going to expect the unexpected.

  3. word, i really liked 'better luck tomorrow'. i may have been partly responsible for hyping it up to ram. i don't reveal endings, but i think i tend to over-hype things. anyways, i found the movie to be very honest, and i loved that. the movie is hype like dj hype. i watched it twice in 24 hours.

  4. oh, han was also my favourite character. he was like a conglomerate of so many korean guys i knew in high school.

  5. 'The ending was pretty dark,' is too revealing a statement. The movie begins in such a way you can guess how it will end as the ending approaches I would say.

  6. man, mezan doesn't even want to know who's in a movie before he watches it. i guess since i've seen the movie, your statement sounds more revealing than it really is.

  7. Fair enough. Mezan, I have seen better movies though I must say.

  8. you gotta watch it a second time. i thought it was alright the first time i watched, but i think the second viewing is what makes me like it so much. mezan, if you're going to rent it, watch it twice. it's a short movie, you can do it.

  9. Honestly, some of my better movie experiences have been when I've known almost nothing about the movie. I think it helps to be blank before you watch something. Although, you have to know something about the movie in order to choose to watch it usually.
    Ok, about "seen better movies". I was just saying that Infernal Affairs had been hyped up too much. It's a good movie, but people made it seem like it was the best HK film in the past decade.

  10. I still like that line. It's classic way to dis a film man.

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