“Give me back my ring!”

   19 September 2004, the wee hours

Just got back from watching Big Fish. The film is about a man that talks a lot of shit. (It’s like they made it just for me.) The film was excellent. I think perhaps I say that too often, but this truly was a great film. Shima, Ju-lian and Steph all agree with me, I am quite sure. Go and watch this movie.

Update: I watched this film again today with Carvill, Rishi, and Steph. The movie is both touching and funny, a hard thing to pull off I would say. This movie is such a pleasure to watch. The various sequences and stories are so fantastic to see. Burton did a great job shooting this film.

The official Big Fish web site



  1. I saw this movie in theatres and enjoyed it a lot. You should also watch the “Barbarian Invasions” for an alternate telling of a loosely similar plot with a completely different mood. Both “Big Fish” and “the Barbarian Invasions” came out in the same year and both are told from the deathbed of an old man whose had an interesting life and is attempting to reconcile with his grown son.

    One is more fantastic (I mean that in the sense of fantasy) and the other more realistic – both are excellent films.

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