Blogger Relaunch

   10 May 2004, late at night

Blogger has relaunched, and at first glance it looks pretty hot. For starters, there are proper comments at last. This was probably the biggest hole in blogger up till now. There are some really nice new templates, individual archives, and probably more than enough features for your average blogger who isn’t in the mood to install Moveable Type.

Ahilan has a blog at blogger now. Krishna has a blog at blogger as well. I also have a blogger blog, but I’ve had one for ages. I like this template more then my old design however.

A lot more info can be found at the stopdesign homepage.



  1. i like the new look for blogger. hm.. decissions decissions… to switch or not to switch that is the question! :P

  2. you guys set up blogs to celebrate mother’s day? that’s so sweet.

  3. True to form, Blogger has stopped letting me post, citing problems establishing a socket. I had forgotten how wonky Blogger can be.

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