6 February 2004, terribly early in the morning

This past wednesday we went to the bomber. Cathy had come up from Toronto and the plan was to party it up that night. I had a Statistics Quiz the next day but I figured, ‘what the hell’. All the girls came out, Doris, Ah-sun, Cathy, Cat, Flora and one of their friends whose name I still don’t know. Gary, Yang and I got there early, and loitered about for a bit, waiting for the girls. There are lots of entertaining tidbits to share, though not on the internet. Gary documented the entire night on his digital camera. I think I have like 117 of his pictures and movies on my laptop now. It was quite the evening I must say. I’ve decided that it is time to switch it up and start going out more often. And the Statistics test was easy, bonus.



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