Bon Cop, Bad Cop

   25 August 2006, early morning

I watched Canadian buddy-cop flick Bon Cop, Bad Cop yesterday. It was both awesome and ridiculous. Colm Feore and Patrick Huard play two cops, one from Ontario and one from Quebec, respectively. They are forced to work on a case together and hilarity ensues. The Ontario cop played by Feore is a straight-arrow dorky kind of guy, while the Quebecer cop is all hard-boiled like someone out of a John Woo film. It’s not high-art, but it is very entertaining. There are plenty of jokes on all things Canadian. They even spend several minutes explaining how to swear in French. It’s great. It’s nice to see a big budget mainstream Canadian film getting made. Hopefully it does reasonably well, and they can make a Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2, where the bad guys are all Albertans.



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