Bottle Rocket

    1 August 2005, early evening

Dave lent me Bottle Rocket, the only Wes Anderson film I had yet to see. Bottle Rocket was Anderson’s first film, and was also the acting debut of both the Wilson brothers. The movie is very good. The film basically is about a bunch of incompetent thieves. I particularly enjoyed the side story between Luke Wilson and the cleaning lady Inez. Bottle Rocket has all the style of a Wes Anderson film, albeit unpolished. The movie is quite good, and I recommend you watch it.

Probably the official Bottle Rocket web site.



  1. This sounds really interesting, I’ll have to check it out sometime.

    Ram, your hotmail is now defunct, I don’t appear to have your best daytime e-mail, so could you send me a mail here or at work? Thanks.

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