Brilliant Cricket

   25 September 2004, lunch time

Today’s West Indies vs. England ICC Champions Trophy cricket match was absolutely brilliant. England were bowled out for 217, a low score for one day cricket. However, England’s bowlers came back and managed to keep the West Indies at bay, bowling out all their top batsmen. (Lara was out for 14!) By the 34th over, Chanderpaul was out for 47 runs, and it looked like there was no hope left for the West Indies. They had 9 wickets, so the only batsmen left to bat were the teams bowlers. The batsmen left to bat were Browne and Bradshaw. Bowlers usually don’t make for good batsmen, but the Browne and Bradshaw partnership ended up winning the game. I have never seen bowlers play so well. Generally bowlers whack away at the ball and try to score some big points. Browne and Bradshaw were both playing like seasoned batsmen. The West Indies team has apparently been rather weak in recent years. I wonder if their winning this championship game will signal a change for their team. It was a exciting match that could have been won by either team.



  1. Yeah Bradshaw played some cracking shots. Impressive stuff from West Indies. Especially after succumbing to 140/8.

    Did you see that catch by Lara? Flintoff was smiling on his way to the pavillion.

    I had no idea you were into Cricket as well.

    Its good to see the Windies play as a team. Lara deserves that much.

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