Brokeback Mountain

   19 January 2006, late at night

I watched Brokeback Mountain tonight with my roommate Lori. No one else I knew was really interested in seeing it, despite the great reviews. It’s an excellent film. The movie is about two gay cowboys, and how they deal with the affair they have over a 20 year period. The film is depressing. Heath Ledger does an excellent job; I was pleasantly surprised. The acting was good all around really. Visually the film is stunning. Ang Lee or his director of photography has done a wonderful job filming this movie. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, you most definitely should. Gay cowboys aren’t that scary.

The official Brokeback Mountain web site.



  1. I’m looking fwd to seeing it here when it comes out as well. I have to see Memoirs before that, cus Munich and Brokeback Mountain come out on the same day…I’m sure all these movies will deliver..

  2. no one around here wants to see a gay cowboy movie with me. i’m going to see it tonight by myself!

  3. Is the homosexuality really that big of a deterrant for people? I wouldn’t want to watch a movie about straight cowboys let alone gay ones.

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