Broken Flowers

   17 August 2005, early morning

Broken Flowers is the latest film to star Bill Murray as a confused older man. I love Bill Murray; I hope he keeps doing these subdue sorts of roles. The film follows a man, Don Johnston, as he attempts to track down the women who sent him an anonymous letter saying he had a long lost son. Being a Don Juan of sorts, there are several women that could have sent the letter. Jeffrey Wright plays Winston, Don Johnston’s next door neighbor who is also a wannabe detective, and he is hilarious. Each of the actresses gives a good performance, each playing a women confronting a past flame. They all react differently to his return, some more welcoming than others. The movie ends somewhat abruptly, which some people may not like. Personally, I think the whole movie works well. This is something you should go see.

An article on Broken Flowers in Salon.



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