Bye Bye OSAP

    1 June 2006, the wee hours

And just like that it’s all over. It took me 16 months, give or take, to give the government all the money they lent me while I was in University. Thank you OSAP! You paid for my school, my booze, my food, and my iPod. You will not be missed.



  1. Just as yours ends, mine is about to kick into super overdrive and rape me. I had it coming though, iPod and a PS2 during my career. Much like the one ring, I both hate and love OSAP. Well, mostly the latter.

  2. I wonder if now that Uncle OSAP wont be taking your moneys I’ll be seeing a HUGE ring soon! :D I can’t wait.. ha ha ha.. Or you could just start paying mine back? It might take you more than 16 months though.. :(

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