Canada has legalized same-sex marriage.

   29 June 2005, late evening

We’re a nation of minorities and in a nation of minorities you don’t cherry-pick rights.

Or so says Paul Martin. It is now legal to get married to the boy of your dreams in Canada—even if you yourself are a boy. Canada has legalized same-sex marriage. We now have to wait and see how what the public response to this law will be. I don’t think this is actually as big an issue in Canada as it has been made out to be. However, I also don’t know if it would have succeeded were it put to a public vote through a referendum. I think there will be some opposition to this law; after all, there are bigots everywhere—even in Canada. Maybe, if we hope and pray, they’ll all move down South.



  1. yay!! :)

  2. Didn’t the guy just resign his cabinet post and returned to being a Liberal backbencher? He was the minister of economic development in Northern Ontario… ha.

  3. Oh you’re right; I miss read the article. I erased the sentence in the post.

  4. Sweet, all over Canada, Christians are screaming in disbelief…Good Job…

  5. ...Harper made the promise one day after suggesting the adoption of the law lacked legitimacy because it relied on the support of the separatist Bloc Quebecois.

    WTF is Harper smoking? This statement makes no sense whatsoever. Moreover, Harper was in bed with the BQ a couple weeks ago to try to topple the government. I guess that makes all his ideas bastard children. Fucking hypocrite.

    ...Harper says a Conservative government would hold a free vote for all MPs on the matter, rather than forcing cabinet ministers to vote with the government...

    Gee…tough words to say when you already knew they will vote the way you want!

  6. Spain has also legalized same sex marriage.

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