9 March 2005, late at night

I’ve been waiting a long time to watch Casshern. When I saw the trailer for the film I was blown away. I decided to pick up a copy of the DVD at Pacific Mall over the weekend, and I watched it tonight. It was good—very good. I’ve heard the movie described as Japan’s answer to The Matrix; I suppose in some ways it can be viewed like that. In a nutshell, a born-again robot boy must fight an army of robots and a corrupt government for reasons that aren’t particularly clear. The film is a serious treat for the eyes; I don’t think I’ve seen another film like it. The film is very much like an anime in its style, both visually and in terms of story: there are huge chunks of the plot that aren’t explained clearly, much of the story is over-the-top and fantastic, and the movie is quite melodramatic. The movie is at its heart an anti-war film. I can’t help but like that I suppose.

The official Casshern web site



  1. How much did you pay the DVD, Ramanan? I wouldn’t mind watching the movie again with subtitles, but the Region 2 disc from Japan is more than ¥3000.

  2. I paid $6 dollars for it.

  3. Darn you. I have yet to see it. And you know how long I’ve been wanting to see it too haha.

  4. And what’s the quality like?

  5. I imagine the legit version would be some sort of dual-layered disc, which I doubt this copy is. That said, this copy is pretty good.

    And Patrick, I remember watching the trailer with you way back when. Damn. Also, fucking compilers.

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