Chasing Amy

   26 July 2004, the wee hours

I watched Chasing Amy again with Simon and Steph. I hadn’t seen the film in quite some time, but am happy to report I still found it quite funny. Chasing Amy is a film about a guy that falls in love with a lesbian. Hilarity ensues. There is nothing exceptional about the film. The acting and directing I would say is pretty good, but not incredible. I didn’t think the more serious parts of the film worked as well as they could have. However, everyone does there job well enough though for the film to be quite enjoyable. Jason Lee as Bankee is hilarious. Chasing Amy is rated R with good reason. The film is coarse to say the least. Some may be put off by the jokes and language, though I think they add to the feel of the film. Chasing Amy is worth checking out.

I say her on her hands and knees getting filled out like an application constitutes ‘being with a guy’.

The official Chasing Amy web site.



  1. moviecounter := too many movies + 1

  2. LOL :D

  3. Good flick, but I saw it so long ago that I don’t remember most of it. I remember a lot of funny dialogue like the guy at the comic convention ranting about “The Holy Trilogy.”

    And one word… “Fingercuffs.”

    Wow. :)

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