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   19 February 2004, late afternoon

DJ Dangermouse – The Grey Album download. DJ Dangermouse has made a remix of Jay-Z’s black album. What makes this interesting is that the remixes contain the vocals from the Black Album, but only use samples from the Beatles’ White Album. The album is quite good.

Now, you will want to get it while you can, because EMI is not happy. What does Jay-Z think? Well, he released an a cappella 12-inch pressing just so people could “remix the hell out of it.”



  1. this is a really good album. like whoa.

  2. word up. it's pretty well done eh. The mix that uses While My Guitar Gently Weaps is way better then the original. Both the albums are quite good, but I think the Dangermouse one has a more street feel to it.

  3. Plastic has a little discussion about this right now. This comment (;sid=04/02/18/19420820#14 ) has a cool ~40 minute mix by Strictly Kev linked in it.

  4. All rgiht, so I listened to them all. I think the only thing it has going for it is the novelty and the Beatles' beats.

  5. Kottke [] has a post about this record on his page now.

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