China Strike Force

   30 April 2004, evening time

I watched “China Strike Force: last night with Mezan. The film features the very sexy Norika Fujiwara, who is a whole other kind of hot. So, the film is worth watching just to see her. What makes the film really appealing though is how bad it is. The film is bizarre because its set in China, but everyone is speaking English with different accents. The soundtrack features some strange songs, including some really bad rap music from Coolio. The acting is pretty atrocious, from all parties involved, but Mark Dacascos and Coolio in particular. The movie is that special kind of HK Action film you just have to see.



  1. Regarding Ms. Fujiwara, I see she has certain, uhm, assets

  2. PS: the above link will self-distruct in 14 days. That is all.

  3. that movie is DOPE. i especially enjoyed the lakers-themed rolls royce.

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