Chronicles of Riddick

    9 January 2005, late morning

I watched Garden State and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind again yesterday. I’ve started watching a lot more movies recently. My friends and I decided to watch Chronicles of Riddick last night. I had seen bits and pieces of the film last time I was at Shima’s house, and wanted to watch it properly. Chronicles of Riddick struck me in many ways as a modern day Star Wars of sorts. The film was probably better then the two recent Star Wars films. The movie is about how the character Riddick from Pitch Black has to fight this sort of half-dead army trying to destroy the universe. You learn a tiny bit more about Riddick’s past through the course of the film, and it is quite clear they intend to make another. I thought as science-fiction films go, it was pretty good—not brilliant, but not bad. They need to work on naming the planets though. Here are two examples: Cemetoria, the planet that sets on fire at sunrise, and Furia, where Riddick is from, where people are furious.

The official Chronicles of Riddick web site



  1. you watched garden state again? Thanks! 8o|

  2. I watched it with the commentary on. It’s not quite the same as watching the movie, since you can’t actually listen to what they are saying in the film.

  3. R-i-d-d-i-c-k.

  4. It had some interesting parts but wasn’t a ‘great film’. I liked the quasi-dead phones and ‘lenses’ though.

    Yeah, I can’t believe his planet is actually called Furia. Reminds me of Mr. Furious from Mystery Men.

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