City Idol

   30 April 2007, early morning

City Idol was an excellent movie. It captures all the excitement that surrounded the City Idol event perfectly. Watching the movie you really feel like you are racing along with the contestants and organizers as they try to shake things up. I was thoroughly impressed with this film; Shima and Riadh liked it a lot as well. It was a great way to end this years HotDocs festival for myself. I think it might have been my favourite film of the bunch that I saw. After watching City Idol I am all the more depressed with the municipal political system. It is depressing that such an articulate, thoughtful, and charismatic young man like Desmond Cole couldn’t win his riding. Of course, he had to compete against Helen Kennedy and Adam Vaughn; that was a tough race to be a part of. Still, its a shame people are always willing to vote in more of the same. Cole still seems active politically and in his neighbourhood, which is great news. The movie is certainly worth watching if only to see Cole’s monologue about police harassment midway through the film. During my screening the audience started clapping after he was done. It was fucking brilliant.

City Idol was the last film I saw at Hotdocs 2007. BlogTO quite liked the film as well.



  1. Twas a shame Desmond didn’t win, he truly is one of the genuine people left,

  2. I agree. I still can’t believe how awesome that police harassment monologue was. Adam Vaughn seems like such a slimy politician.

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