Clark, You Fool!

   28 May 2004, the wee hours

I have begun my quest to get caught up in Smallville. I missed all of season 3, which sucks. I spent the past couple hours watching the first 4 episodes of the season, and have to say they were all pretty good. I love the show, it’s the best thing on television. Smallville has all the guilty pleasure of a soap opera, but with better looking people and Superman. What’s not to love?

One thing I remembered after watching the show again is how likeable Lex Luthor is. The audience knows he is Superman’s future nemesis, but by the way he is presented to us in Smallville you can’t help but like him. He is a sort of tragic hero, trying to escape the darker side of his character, but generally failing to do so. Now, if George Lucas wasn’t such an omega-hack, he would have been able to accomplish something similar with Darth Vadar / Anakin Skywalker. After watching Star Wars II, Anakin comes off as a goober-weirdo-pervert. You don’t feel sorry for him or the path he is being led down. The prequels to Star Wars could have been great, but so far have managed to be pretty mediocre—Episode I was downright bad. It is a real shame.

One thing I noticed was the shift they took with Chloe’s character. At the end of season two she joined the darkside, so to speak, but at the start of this season she seems to have had an unexplained change of heart. With the way he treats her in Metropolis, during the season premiere, it really doesn’t make any sense. Her character is more or less back to the way it was last season, and for no good reason.

I need to start downloading more episodes. Gary gave me the first 8 of the seasons, but I imagine I will be able to get through those fairly quickly. I want to get Season 2 on DVD so I can put it next to my Season 1 box. I think it will be one of the first things I buy when I get a damn job.



  1. I missed the finale because the TV guide said they were showing the Bachelor instead. They weren’t.

  2. dude…. get to episode 22… its the best episode ever

  3. Carvill and I missed the season finalle because we didn’t know it had been moved to 7:00.

    And man, what’s wrong with Clark. Lana is playing his role from the past two seasons and he’s turning her down. Fool.

  4. It’s because he’s looking past her outer beauty and finally seeing her inner beauty. Of which she has none.

    Just vapid, self-centered entropy.

  5. She’s not self centered, she’s nice and sweet. Sort of anyways. When I get Season 2, we can have a super smallville marathon.

  6. Clark loves Lana, he can’t be with her because, in the end all the people he loves get hurt. Also, he can’t be with her because, she wants him to be honest with her, he can’t because he is “SUPERMAN”. So, he is in a catch 22. In the end, he will probably just be friends with her. If he told her his secret, it might end up being a Pete situation, where he has a hardtime keeping the secret to himself and lying about it and such.

    The show is awesome and it’s awesomeness overshadows any of the character flaws…or at least that is what I think…

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