Coffee Tree and Me

   16 March 2006, early morning

In my quest to get better coffee at work, I went to a local coffee shop and bought some freshly ground coffee. Coffee Tree, the store near my home, claims to be the first shop in the city to sell coffee that they roast in the store (and grind if you need them to). The first coffee I bought was from Tuscany (or was simply called Tuscany). It’s a French roast. According to Mezan, a French roast is one where they almost burn the beans. If you roasted the beans anymore they’d be on fire. The Tuscany coffee tastes pretty good. If you like strong, smooth cups of coffee, I’d recommend it. The second coffee I bought from Coffee Tree was Arabian Sidamo. It’s also a French roast, and it also tastes good. If I was a more avid coffee drinker, I’d probably be able to describe with richer language what the two coffees taste like. Next week I will try some Venetian Roasts, which are medium roasted coffees. Coffee Tree is in the Bloor West Village, and is most definitely worth checking out if you are looking for fresh coffee.



  1. I like your tasting notes thus far: ‘pretty good’ and ‘good’. I look forward to reading more.

  2. Being a coffee snub is a worthy aspiration. I’m still trying to figure out how to pronounce “macchiato” though. :-)

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